Fortinet ssl web portal

fortinet ssl web portal

A Launch FortiClient button appears on the SSL VPN login page on non-Linux environments when SSL VPN is in tunnel mode. A similar button is also available. Go to VPN > SSL-VPN Portals. Edit the full-access portal. The full-access portal allows the use of tunnel mode and/or web mode. Make sure Enable Split Tunneling. The web portal color scheme: blue (by default), gray, or orange. custom-lang. Note: This entry is only available when web-mode is set to enable. MACPORTS TIGHTVNC FAILS Фирма: ДВЕРИ СРОЧНО телефон: телефон: 863. А, секция МАГАЗИН телефон: большущая удовлетворенность. Фирма: ДВЕРИ подтверждения заказа ПРО телефон: 495 960-67-99.

Web portal overview To log into the web portal, the user must have valid username and password credentials, as well as any other factor of authentication that may be configured, such as a FortiToken code. After logging in to the web portal, the remote user is presented with a web portal page similar to the following: Various widgets provide the web portal features: Session Information displays the elapsed time since login and the volume of HTTP and HTTPS traffic, both inbound and outbound.

Quick Connection enables you to connect to network resources without using or creating a bookmark. Download Forticlient provides access to the FortiClient tunnel application for various operating systems. Bookmarks provides links to network resources. You can use the administrator-defined bookmarks and you can add your own bookmarks. After making any changes to the web portal configuration, make sure to select Apply.

Change the display language for this web portal. Select from the following options. The options are named according to the config system custom-language command that you can use to customize the content of these language files. By default the content of these language files is provided by Fortinet in the languages listed below.

How often the host check function periodically verifies the host check status of endpoints. Range is to seconds. Default is 0 , which disables periodic host checking. Only available if host-check is enabled. Select one or more host-check policy to perform different types of host checking. You can use this option to add a wide range of host checking options to require endpoints to have a wide range of security software.

You can see the complete list of host check policies and add more using the config vpn ssl host-check-software command. Enable or disable by default the FortiGate unit to determine what action to take depending on what operating system the client has. Note: This entry is only available when os-check is set to enable.

Note: This entry is only available when either os-check is set to enable. There are three pre-defined default web portal configurations available: full-access: Includes all widgets available to the user — Session Information, Connection Tool, Bookmarks, and Tunnel Mode. History The following table shows all newly added, changed, or removed entries as of FortiOS 6. New RDP application settings.

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